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Youth Perspective Consultation

The Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs is often sought out by various community organizations to receive a youth perspective on various issues, programs and services prior to their implementation. The Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs are happy to provide this service to any who require it and aligns with the groups primary goals of acting as a voice for the youth of Airdrie.

Vaping & Mental Health Awareness Campaign
and Smoking Bylaw Amendment 

The Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs has recently undertaken an initiative close to our hearts and one that is rather polarizing within the youth community. The Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs intends to raise awareness around the short and long term health ramifications of vaping with an ultimate goal of amending bylaws  and reducing the stigma around mental health and illness such that people are more readily able to seek the help they require. The ABYA has recently celebrated council's decision to amend and pass Bylaw No. B-12/2020, being a bylaw to amend Smoking Bylaw No. B-44/2004.

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Mayor for a Day Initiative


As an ongoing project, the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs is always happy to take part in the process of selecting three grade six students to be Mayors for a day. As the primary selection and vetting committee, the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs is lucky enough to see the abundance of ideas that the youth in this community possess and we are always excited to sit down with Airdrie City Council in the final stages of the selection process.

Airdrie Festival of Lights Volunteering

Within the winter months, the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs and its members often volunteer with the Airdrie Festival of Lights with the setup and operation of their glowingly excellent non-profit community exhibition. The Airdrie Festival of Lights serves as a primary service aspect for the group and is certainly something we wish to see all youth get involved with.

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