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About ABYA

The Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs, an advisory committee of City Council, was formed with the goal to empower youth in Airdrie to deal with issues that affect them. Since 2005, the ABYA has uplifted the voice of local youth and continues to work towards leaving a positive impact and making the community a better place. The ABYA is an essential component of the Airdrie Youth Strategy


ABYA Bylaw

Our Mandate

(1) providing feedback and advice on projects, reports, and policies where youth are direct participants who utilize the programs and spaces; 


(2) promoting initiatives to support the well-being of youth; 


(3) informing Council on youth initiatives that could lead to the betterment of local youth; 


(4) continually engaging in community discussions related to youth; and 


(5) providing networking opportunities for youth. 


2024/25 Objectives

Act as advocates for Airdrie's youth;

Plan and participate in events and projects related to youth well-being;

Participate in training and education opportunities that enhance our knowledge as it relates to community needs​;

To serve as a bridge between City Council, youth, and the community by acting as a voice for Airdrie youth.


​​​​​The values of the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs consist of respect, social awareness, leadership, overcoming challenge and making a difference.



The vision of the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs is to empower the voice of youth and play a critical role in the betterment of the community.

The ABYA's core values


To educate and empower the youth community by providing advice to City departments, City Council and the broader community on issues that affect youth. 

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