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  • How does the ABYA represent youth in our city?
    The ABYA represents our city's youth by serving as a bridge between City Council, youth and the community by functioning as an advisory body to the City of Airdrie predominantly by investigating issues and presenting any advisories or potential solutions to those involved.
  • Can I attend a regular weekly meeting?
    Absolutely! if you are an Airdrie resident aged 12-18, feel free to contact us via our contact section here on the website stating that you'd like to do so and we would be glad to let you sit in on of our weekly board meetings.
  • Who is eligible to join?
    Membership for first-time members is open to youth ages 12 to 18 while existing members may remain on the ABYA until age 24.
  • How can I join the ABYA?
    If you are interested in joining the ABYA feel free to locate the JOIN page by clicking on the header of the website to fill out a registration and we will get back to you as soon as possible. New member applications are accepted every new school year by October.
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