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Youth Strategy Input


One of the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs most prominent initiatives undertaken within the recent past has been our consultation with the youth strategy and its current implementation within city programs.



AirdrieFEST is an outdoor festival that is held every year for local nonprofit organizations and local businesses to showcase themselves to the public. It is an event that the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs has attended in the past, often offering free popcorn in addition to information about the group to those interested.

Airdrie Downtown Visioning Project

Recently, the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs took part in the Airdrie Downtown Visioning Project which sought to identify what type of downtown Airdrie Residents envisioned in the future. The input given by the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs will go on to assist developers on their plans for the downtown and the group was elated to have taken part in such an amazing opportunity.

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